About Us

Who we are? We are true fans of hardcore, punk, metal and MMA. We do what we do because we love it, not for the money, not for the fame, just for some cool clothes and to let the world know that things we love can be affordable and great at the same time.

Where are you located? We are located in the snowy grounds of Toronto Canada. The weather conditions here are extreme and unbearable – we go without running water and electricity for weeks, but we cope…. just kidding, that was for all you stereotypical people out there that think Canada has nothing but snow, blow us – one at a time… slowly.


What makes us different? We grew up listening to punk, hardcore and metal music and with martial arts; we have adapted many of the philosophies that accompany those music styles and scenes into our lives. Americana's goal is do what we do for love and fun; there is an unexplainable thrill of working with awesome fighters and bands – we love our music, we love our sport, so Americana is the wonderful love child of the two things we love. 


All of us have another day job, and we see this as a complete hobby so we don't pay ourselves. We literally take the profits and pay our sponsored fighters, and bands we work with. The remaining profit is used to pump out new designs. We don't have dreams of becoming a huge corporation. We have a strong belief in supporting the things we love, so for every purchase that is made on our website we literally feed the athletes and bands that we support. If you really want to feel like you're supporting bands and fighters without corporate bullshit and percentages lost due to big management companies, rest assured, Americana staff don't get paid, we do it because we love it (really, we don’t… we work for free, that’s fucked up eh?).


Why do we do this? Americana was started by a group of friends that enjoyed hanging out and watching MMA. The group of friends were sick and tired of not being able to wear the sport they enjoy because the shirts were too fucking expensive and that they looked all the same – c’mon, why do companies charge $69.99 for a t-shirt? The group of friends got together, summoned powers from the gods (ahem.. what that really means is that they had to bug Fatty McGee, formally known as the Big Guy, for some money), to start a brand new apparel company that is made for the fans. The Americana team has a vision of making apparel that normal people can actually afford and designs that can be worn by anyone (not just the super fit, super tall, or whatever). 


Who we are as individuals? 

Fatty McGee, formally known as the Big Guy, runs the show and he's, well, a big dude. Fatty oversees everything from creative, to sales to fighter recruitment. He trains about one week per year in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other grappling arts; his training includes rolling, talking shit, and turning people into pretzels. Fatty's special move is to suffocate you with his weight.


The ‘Lush’ helps with the creative designs, logistics, sales and marketing. Lush enjoys lifting weights and spending as much time outdoors as possible to drink and exercise; with the exception of cardio and running, which he sucks at. Rumor has it, that the Big Guy beat the Lush in a 500M foot race back in 2011 – the Big Guy gave Lush a 100M handicap, but Lush still fell short. That's pretty bad. I mean, the Big Guy, beating you in a foot race… c’mon!